At Belleve Botanicals we believe that making our products as natural as possible is what makes them truly beautiful. We believe in a plant-based skincare that is also powered with high-performing actives and we love it even more when those powerful ingredients also happen to be from natural sources as well.

There are 3 staples to our skincare:


Our skincare is inspired by nature: mountains, lakes, forests, wild flowers... Our inspiration is reflected in our unique designs but also in our ingredients. Sourcing ingredients from natural resources is paramount to us. We love creating fresh products crammed with skin-loving vitamins and minerals for a healthy, glowing complexion.

Arctic Oat and Cranberry extracts are some of our STAR ingredients. They are totally pure botanical extracts grown and harvested in the Polar area of Finland and are enriched with a wide range of nutrients to survive the extreme climate of the region. 

Arctic Oat extract is renowned for its soothing, regenerating and hydrating benefits and it is a superior ingredient for dry and sensitive skin. You can find this ingredient in our Orange Blossom Face oil, Immortelle Soothing Serum, Immortelle Soothing Face Cream and Orange Blossom Hand Cream.

Arctic Cranberry extract grown in the Arctic marshlands of Finland, contains the seed oils of wild harvested berries, offering essential Fatty Acids and Tocotrienols with nourishing, moisturising and protecting properties. You can find this ingredient in our beautiful WILD ROSE Beautifying Face Oil, which we are sure you are going to love! 

Wild-grown Organic Lingonberry extract, considered a superfruit in Scandinavia, provides good hydration, boosts skin cell regeneration and reduces skin pigmentation. We have included it in our Wild Rose Beautifying Toning Mist.  


Quality over quantity. We love creating products that are easy to use and have multiple benefits. Less is more when it comes to natural beauty and we love creating products with functionality and results in mind.


As we discussed in 5 MAIN ELEMENTS OF A HOLISTIC SKINCARE ROUTINE, diet, exercise, stress management and sleep are all connected for healthy and beautiful skin.